Blue Week 2017

The sustainable exploitation of the ocean is growing rapidly. Blueweek aims to accelerate innovation in sustainable maritime technology by fostering collaboration between industry, universities and research institutes from across Europe. Joint Industry Projects, EU and TKI projects will be presented and discussed. The four main themes of Blueweek are natural propulsion, biomimetics, ocean energy (including offshore wind, tidal and wave energy) and blue life (including aquaculture and multi-use). The forum allows partners to rapidly mature innovative ideas from the concept phase to test pilot to full scale whilst maintaining the economic viability of the product or service.

BlueWeek is an independent, dedicated and free event where the industry, academics and institutions can come together to discuss the latest R&D initiatives, regulations and projects.

The themes developed in the forum are Marine Renewable Energy (tidal, waves, biomass), Offshore Wind Energy and Natural Propulsion for the shipping industry.

During the Blue Week, industry, universities, research institutes and governmental bodies meet, propose new development opportunities during the forum and follow seminars.

Meetings of current Joint Industry Projects will be organised as well as panel discussions and the open forum for new proposals.

Please follow this link to the program and to register.

Blue Week-Beitragsbild